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Digital Imaging


threads arts, technology, and career-based learning with creativity and community collaboration. This career arts pathway provides students a range of technology-based visual arts projects in a cutting edge high school studio environment. Students are encouraged to apply their creative skills to local, regional, and global competitions and collaborations.


is an award-winning Career Technical Student Organization where students compete at the regional, state, and national level in a career-based area of interest. Students are provided opportunities to demonstrate their technical and leadership skills in San Diego and Kentucky, participate in community service activities, develop as professionals, and mentor middle school students. 

Digital Storytelling


allows students to focus their creativity through film, video, audio, visual effects, and more. Working with peers and collaborating with professionals, students use industry-standard software and equipment to create original media projects for festivals, events, local partners, and television. Students are encouraged to pursue their passions, find new interests, and build skills in new areas. 

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