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Video Production


Visual FX

3D Printing

Game Design


Audio Production

Fine Art



- Leadership -

A Unique Opportunity


The Digital Arts Technology Academy is the only UC approved Arts, Media, and Design program in California to have dual-pathways and earned status as a California Distinguished Academy, California Partnership Lighthouse Academy, Apple Distinguished Program (2012-17). DATA also offers multiple Adobe certifications and dual enrollment college credit for all four of it's Junior/Senior CTE courses.


Students apply to the Academy during the spring of their freshmen year and travel with other DATA students for three academic courses and one CTE elective during the sophomore and junior years. In their senior year, DATA students are enrolled in Senior English and at least one DATA CTE elective. This provides the students a unique opportunity to apply their creative and technology expertise to college preparatory curriculum in the core content classes. 


Throughout their junior and senior years, DATA students are provided a variety of unique opportunities to gain experience with community and industry partners through class projects, workshops, and work-based learning in the field.  


Academy staff have a common prep period in which they share curriculum ideas and monitor student academic progress and individual issues. By senior year, many of our students are clear about what major they would like to pursue, what college will best accommodate their career goals, and have built a dynamic portfolio. 

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