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Amanda Judice 

DATA 2010

  • Most memorable moment: Creating with my friends, inspiring and learning from each other for four years.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA allowed me to express my thoughts & emotions in a different kind of way with a team who was there to support you and root you on the entire way... it challenged me to be the best version of myself while teaching me the options in the world are endless.

Adderly Pazos Photo-2 - Adderly Pazos.jpg

Adderly Pazzos
Special Projects Manager
MacDonald's Corporation

DATA 2007

  • College: Hamburger University

  • Most memorable moment: Shooting an interview with Malcom Gladwell.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA taught me graphic design, media production, and staying organized. Exposure to all aspects of digital media have helped me grow with McDonald's. I use Photoshop & Lightroom regularly to produce posters, banners, and signs used in restaurants.  

mike brady data image - Mike Brady.jpg

Mike Brady 
VP Marketing & Operations
Upswing Poker

DATA 2004

  • Most memorable moment: Getting (nicely) scolded for using filters rather than putting real effort into image work. Lesson learned -- avoid the easy path with creative work!

  • How did DATA help you get there? Without DATA, I wouldn't have had the technical skills needed to break into digital marketing. Other than learning how to write, the photo editing and general design concepts I learned have been my most used knowledge assets in the professional world.

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Gleidy Isais

DATA 2010

  • College: International School of Beauty

  • Most memorable moment: Filming the El Paseo Fashion Show and the Palm Springs West Fest Rodeo..

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA has helped me in so many ways throughout the years. I think the most important thing I gained from it was the people skills.  

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Armando Perez 
Certified Flight Instructor

DATA 2018

  • College: California Aeronautical University 

  • Most memorable moment: Watching our animation being presented in front of a mass audience at a local film festival.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA helped me prepared myself to be a professional individual and expanded my field of view in a creative matter.

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Austyn Moreno

DATA 2014

  • Most memorable moment: Lots of moments! Out in the field working on projects or being in class learning a new skill set.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA gave all the support a young artist needs. From physical things like equipment and a daily creative space, to putting students through various competitions and real life scenarios. 

3BD1B909-0786-498A-83DA-3CAEA5891988 - Z

Zane DeGaine 

Co-owner/Lead Artist

DeGaine Designs


DATA 2004

  • College: The Kubert School

  • Most memorable moment: Producing a short film about the prohibition era.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA exposed me to more than just my initial interest in illustration. From video production, to graphic design, to illustration and photography, I have been able to use every aspect of what I learned in DATA every day of my career.

IMG_20210204_153617_637 - Kimberlyn Gonz

Kimberlyn Gonzalez



DATA 2012

  • College: Santa Monica City College

  • Most memorable moment: Winning Bronze in Photography at SkillsUSA California.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA gave me the tools and resources to excel in my career. People are surprised when I tell them I've used Photoshop since the age of fourteen. I've since become a professional retoucher and I get to work with big clients like Nike. DATA gave me a head start towards my profession.

50F32694-ADB4-4BF9-B177-BBCA284E4804 - R

DATA 2009

  • Most memorable moment: Creative freedom and hanging with my friends.

  • How did DATA help you get there? I produce all creative content for the business. I use Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere Pro almost everyday.

16- - Jose Reyes.jpg

Jose Reyes

Graphic Designer


DATA 2014

  • College: Full Sail University

  • Most memorable moment: SkillsUSA State trips to San Diego.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA helped me learn the basics of using Photoshop, which led to a passion for graphic design. Without DATA, I would have never gotten a chance to learn Photoshop and torrented to make logos for my friends.

Headshot(2) - David Vo.jpg

David Vo 

Civil Engineer / Streamer

City of Los Angels


DATA 2015

  • College: CSU Los Angeles

  • Most memorable moment: SkillsUSA San Diego trips and creating videos with friends.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA prepared me to be a well-rounded individual and to think creatively.


Nailah Johnson 

IT/Software Designer / Photographer



DATA 2009

  • College: Texas Southern University

  • Most memorable moment: Winning the short film contest for sexual awareness.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA gave me an insight on Graphic design, film making, and overall how to find my eye.

301AE820-9E28-4BA2-875F-74EED6302737 - K

Khoa Nguyen 

Physician / Traveler

Kaiser Permanente


DATA 2007

  • College: UC Riverside School of Medicine

  • Most memorable moment: Taking pictures with a 2 megapixel, floppy disk camera.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA cemented the importance of thinking creatively both artistically and clinically.

987C989A-451A-40C6-8443-ED617C353001 - D

Danilo Hernandez

Event Photographer


DATA 2007

  • College: The Art Institute, Los Angeles

  • Most memorable moment: Having the chance to go around town and interview different people to create great digital news content.

  • How did DATA help you get there? By teaching me the fundamentals of video production and photography. Learning how to tell a story by using great lighting, camera work and good composition really helped me perfect my skills later on in my career.

803EEAC6-B069-4123-AD28-D49FBA94DA62 - D

Donielle Gerrell 

Film Teacher

Palm Springs High School


DATA 2015

  • College: CSU San Bernardino / Western Governors University

  • Most memorable moment: Traveling to SkillsUSA Nationals and Kentucky as a student rep. for Ford Next Generation Learning. I also gained many life-long friends from professional skills networking events.

  • How did DATA help you get there? If it wasn’t for DATA, I wouldn’t have discovered my passion for the media arts. 

EC7519AC-C72E-4D68-83F8-655992A39737 - A

Andrew Juarez

Software Engineer

Arorae Corporation


DATA 2012

  • College: San Diego State University

  • Most memorable moment: Traveling to San Diego for SkillsUSA state competitions, which influenced me to  move there for college and life after.

  • How did DATA help you get there? DATA not only allowed me to embrace my creative side, but to also try out new technologies and get a better understanding of the learning process that comes with that.

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Angela Rodarte

Freelance Production Manager

Remote Coordinator


DATA 2006

  • College: CSU Long Beach

  • Most memorable moment: I was encouraged to embrace creativity and to maintain structure. I think that balance is so important to take into the your profession when working with media.

  • How did DATA help you get there? I was already comfortable with the foundations of camera and video equipment which gave me a grounded confidence walking into the commercial production world.

216BA22F-C3F0-4B16-B8F1-7D0C9600FB1D - A

Arin Wall

Publicist/Artist Manager

Beats by Dr. Dre

Linked In

DATA 2011

  • College: CSU Northridge

  • Most memorable moment: College field trip to CSUN.

  • How did DATA help you get there? Learning how to talk to people and ask questions, learning about all the possible jobs that are out there and jobs you can create for yourself .

86F629FA-A8D1-44DA-9E96-FAA2E65486CD - J

Jose Murillo
Family Specialist/Graphic Designer

DATA 2010

  • College: College of the Desert

  • Most memorable moment: Being able to collaborate with those in the field or partaking in contests to get more experience.

  • How did DATA help you get there? Honestly, I was able to use art to express mental health and use graphic design to make appealing flyers to get the attention of clients.

IMG_4483 - Christian Ramirez.jpeg

Christian Ramirez
Senior Designer
10 Barrel Brewing Co.

DATA 2011

  • College: California Baptist University

  • Most memorable moment: Our field trip to CSU Fullerton.

  • How did DATA help you get there? Introduced me to the world of graphic design and digital art.