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All Academy seniors are expected to do 60 hours of internship to complete the DATA program and graduate next to their Academy peers. This may begin at the end of their junior year and must be related to the DATA curriculum and/or Design, Visual, and Media Pathway standards provided by the California Department of Education. All internship providers must be approved by the PSUSD Board of Education and coordinated through the CCHS Work based Learning Coordinator.


  • Build essential skills within the design, visual, and media industries 

  • Enhance existing portfolios for entry-level positions upon graduation

  • Apply skills learned in DATA CTE classrooms to fuse with industry processes and standards

  • Internships may be in a  pre-approved paid positions and/or may exceed the 60-hour requirement based on business partner agreement

For questions or to provide an internship for DATA, please contact

Rosemarie Frontero at

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