Connecting Coachella Valley professionals to student career preparation
Thank you to our
2020-21 Mentors!

Betty Watkins

Kent Kay

Mark Dubner

Eric Ornelas

Gordon Kramer

Debbie Applebaum

Roger Estrada

Darren Higman

Weston Winson

Dan Cesar 

Scott Colwell

Meri Vallo 

Caroline Partamian

Connie Golds 

Gordon Kramer

Rhoda Coscetti 

Lily Flores

Tristan Hufalar

The DATA Jr. Mentoring Program was revamped during the 2020-2021 school year to incorporate SkillsUSA Career Technical Student Organization curriculum. The Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program connects DATA students to industry professionals over the course of the year with the goals of 


  • increasing the entrepreneurial spirit within our students

  • providing students with career and personal growth direction

  • exposing our students to the business community 

  • strengthening the relationship between education and workforce within our community




      For more information or to connect with DATA, please email

Matt Cauthron at mcauthron@psusd.us


Marian Stahl at mstahl@psusd.us